[email protected]. Vladimiras Davydenko: When you think about it and realize that it is a very, very small, but also a responsible contribution and result of the work of our collective team, it really makes me happy.


Vladimiras Davydenko UAB “Kelprojektas” Klaipėda Road Business Unit Senior Project Manager, highly qualified specialist who has contributed to the biggest transport infrastructure projects of Klaipėda city.

Vladimir, you have been working at “Kelprojektas” for more than 20 years. How did your passion for road engineering come about?

I have been working intermittently at “Kelprojektas” since 1978 – a total of about 25.5 years. After school, I entered the Faculty of Civil Engineering of VISI, Department of Road Engineering, and after graduating, I obtained the specialty of engineer – road engineer.

Tell us, what was your professional path to your current position?

I received an appointment to the Klaipėda department of VPI “Lietkelprojektas”, which was at that time. I started as an engineer. And then there were also design and other works not entirely related to the profession of a road engineer. I returned to “Kelprojektas” in 1998 to the Klaipėda branch, and the next time after working at LAKD in 2004 I returned to the Klaipėda branch to the position of Project Manager.

What fascinates and motivates you the most in this job?

The most fascinating are the journeys and views you see while driving on the roads built in Lithuania and other countries. When you think about it and realize that it is a very, very small, but also a responsible contribution and result of the work of our collective team, it really makes me happy.

What personal, character skills are needed in this job?

I can’t really say anything about my personal skills, the team where I work can say more about it. I think that everywhere you need to remain yourself, without harming those around you, to do the work assigned to you responsibly.

Remember which projects were the most memorable and why? What projects are you currently working on?

I really had to work on more than one big and memorable project. If we are talking about currently ongoing projects, it would be Baltijos pr., Šilutės pl. (including the section to the entrance to Dubysos g.) and Vilniaus pl. roundabouts in Klaipėda reconstruction project. This is a really big and significant project for the city of Klaipėda and the whole country. I would also single out the project for the creation of rest and recreation areas near the Babrungas river and the Gandinga Hydroelectric Power Plant pond (the so-called Plungė Sea). This is a unique and interesting project – the shores of the pond are winding and swampy in many places. The contractors are facing quite a challenge, as the differences in elevations of the coastal terrain of Gandinga pond are quite large.

What are the most common challenges to be solved and what are the most important for clients in road engineering projects?

Uncertainties mostly arise from inconsistencies in projects. Explanations of project decisions, normative documents and their connection with implemented projects provide clients with greater opportunities to absorb project implementation costs and project implementation deadlines. But every challenge opens new opportunities.

Let’s talk about customer satisfaction, how do you go about ensuring it? What is the recipe for a successful project?

I aim to answer the questions submitted by them as quickly as possible and in the best way for the client according to my competence, as far as it relates to the projects prepared and implemented by “Kelprojektas“. This is also related to the projects being prepared for the customer. The recipe for a successful project is created for each project that is prepared and implemented. Project implementation is the recipe for a successful project.

And what does your free time look like? What are your hobbies and activities after work?

I like walks by the sea with my family. A bicycle is an irreplaceable means of transport for trips to nature, which is why we often plan trips for pedestrians and cyclists in various parts of Žemaitija. In the summer, I like to go kayaking on the Minija, Jūra and other rivers. When I have more free time, I try to move as much as possible and not sit at home.