[email protected]. Mindaugas Griauzdė: Not only personal development is important to me, but also the strong and friendly team of specialists that we have in “Kelprojektas”


We continue the “Kelprojektas” employee interview rubric [email protected], where we talk to colleagues about work, achievements, development, and motivation.

This time we interviewed Mindaugas Griauzdė, Railway Project Part Manager.

Let’s start from the beginning, you have been working at “Kelprojektas” for 9 years. Why did you become interested in the field of railway design?

Thanks to happy coincidences. I chose construction engineering for my studies and entered civil engineering. In 2009, I obtained a bachelor’s degree in road and railway engineering at Vilnius Gediminas University of Technology. Next, I decided to turn to the field of design. At work, colleagues joked that railways were easier to design than roads. Because it is enough to draw only one line – the axis of the railway track – and you already have the essence. It just so happened that most of the work had to be done not on cars roads, but on “lighter” railway road projects. Now I am glad that the field of railway design has become my subject that I know best.

How did your career develop after graduation?

After my studies, I got a job at the Kaunas design company AB “Pramprojektas” and worked there for less than 5 years. The start of my career was in the field of land planning and transportation. I had the opportunity to work on railway road projects and learn from colleagues with solid years of experience. Manager Arvydas Orlauskas invested the most time in me, a young specialist taking the first steps in design. Arvydas is an all-around excellent person, both as a person and as a specialist. I looked up to him while accumulating experience as a designer. I am sincerely grateful to him and all colleagues in the department.

Since 2014, I have been continuing my career at “Kelprojektas” in the Vilnius division, Railway Department. Even before that, I knew that “Kelprojektas” is also one of the largest transport infrastructure design companies in Lithuania, which has many years of experience. So, I wanted to test my strength and check if the “grass is greener” there, as I heard it was said.

And now, I am already counting the ninth year of work at “Kelprojektas”. During this time, I worked my way up from Engineer to Project Part Manager. Sometimes I have the opportunity to work as a Project Manager.

Tell us, why you are fascinated and motivated by working at “Kelprojektas”?

“Kelprojektas” is a modern company that provides all the opportunities to work with the latest software, keeping up with the progress of innovation. Not only personal development is important to me, but also the strong and friendly team of specialists that we have. “Kelprojektas” is part of Tyréns, one of Sweden’s largest construction consulting and design companies. I have the opportunity to work in international teams with large-scale exclusive and at the same time interesting projects in Lithuania and Sweden.

Definitely not in the last place and a good microclimate, especially in these times of rush. Organized company celebrations and entertainment with colleagues create an opportunity to distract from work and strengthen team bonding.

Of course, the company’s attitude towards the employee, internal culture, various additional benefits, the opportunity to move up the career ladder, raise qualifications and improve skills, such as foreign languages, software use and various other professional qualification courses, motivates.

What personal, character qualities are needed in this job?

For the main course, you will need: diligence, attentiveness, logical thinking, independence, and flexibility to work in a team. I would also highlight patience and the ability to maintain motivation in long-term projects.

For dessert, personal qualities that are more strongly expressed in leadership positions are important: analytical thinking, communication, diplomacy, positivity – for motivating the team and creating a good atmosphere.

I think that not all these qualities are already possessed by a specialist and can be brought with him. It’s probably not even possible, but it’s a skill that can be learned over time.

Remember what are the biggest projects you have worked on and what are you currently working on?

Some of the biggest and most memorable projects in which I had to work are: Ignalina nuclear power plant projects – “Solid waste management and storage complex” and “NPP spent nuclear fuel temporary storage B1”, as well as “Design and construction of an intermodal terminal in the Vilnius Public Logistics Center” “, “Klaipėda State Seaport (land, internal water area, external ramp and related infrastructure) general plan”.

Currently, I contribute to particularly important strategic projects – the preparation of “Rail Baltica” in Lithuania, as well as the planning of the infrastructure territories of “Rail Baltica” Panevėžys railway hub and regional stations.

Intermodalinis terminalas Vilniaus viešajame logistikos centre

Rail Baltica

And what does your free time look like? What are your hobbies and activities after work?

I spend most of my time with my family. It’s always fun to spend more time in nature, go kayaking, go hiking with a tent, go skiing. If possible, visit foreign countries. Among the cultural events, I like the theater the most. I don’t miss an opportunity to do the face memorization and recognition tasks of the “Super recognizers” of the University of Greenwich.