[email protected]. Ieva Petruškevičiūtė: With each new project you get new knowledge and experience from very different fields


Today, in the [email protected] interview rubric of “Kelprojektas” employees, we are interviewing Ieva Petruškevičiūtė, Project Manager of the Land Management and Geodesy Business Unit.

Let’s start from the beginning, you have been working at “Kelprojektas” for 4.5 years. Why did you become interested in the field of land management and geodesy?

To be honest, I didn’t plan to be a land planner, geodesist, or surveyor, but it just so happened that I chose to study measurement engineering at VGTU. This field attracted people with its versatility, because after completing the studies, one could choose various directions – from land surveying or land law to work with GIS or other IT.

How did your career develop after graduation?

My career started already during my studies. I got a job in a company whose activities were quite extensive, I worked in this company as an engineer for about 1.5 years and prepared energy audits and investment projects.

Later, after completing my bachelor’s studies, I got a job at “Valstybės žemis fondas” LLC. My career as a land manager – geodesist began in this company, I gained experience in the fields of cadastral measurements, geodesy, and later in the field of land management.

I have been working at UAB “Kelprojektas” since 2017 autumn. At that time, the Land Management Works sector started to carry out land acquisition works for public needs for the “Rail Baltica” railway line and decided to increase its team, so I was invited to join.

Tell us what your working day looks like.

The working day begins and ends with the planning of work both for that day and for the following days. Anyway, the working day is spent drawing, calculating, participating in meetings, communicating with colleagues, going to facilities.

Remember what are the biggest projects you have worked on and what are you currently working on?

Probably the largest project in terms of scope that I have had to work on is land acquisition for public needs for the “Rail Baltica” railway line, but it is also interesting to work with much smaller land acquisition projects for public needs, plans, formation, and redevelopment of land plots. Each new project is interesting and poses new challenges in its own way. You learn something new with each object.

I am currently preparing a land acquisition project for the needs of the public on regional road no. 130 for reconstruction, formation, and transformation projects, I assist my colleague from the Architecture Business Unit in preparing acts of the Council for the Assessment of Immovable Cultural Heritage.

What fascinates and motivates you the most in this job?

Opportunity for improvement, i.e., that with each new project you get new knowledge and experience from very different fields.

What personal, character qualities are needed in this job?

Communication, creativity, responsibility, attentiveness, stubbornness, also because you have to communicate with various people (from the customer, representatives of institutions to the landowner), diplomacy and patience are often needed.

And what does your free time look like? What are your hobbies and activities after work?

I like to spend my free time in nature, I like to try active extreme entertainment. At home, I spend time reading, painting. I visit cultural events (theatre, exhibitions, concerts), but during the pandemic, these hobbies had to be replaced by watching cultural or art events online.