[email protected]. Beata Riabcevė: „Kelprojektas“ is a place where there is an opportunity to learn and improve yourself


We continue the Kelprojektas employee interview rubric [email protected], where we continue to talk to colleagues about work, achievements, development and motivation.

This time we interviewed Beata Riabcevė, the Project Part Manager of the Environment Business Unit.

Let’s start from the beginning, you have been working at “Kelprojektas” for 10 years. How was your fascination with the field of environmental protection born?

I “got into” the field of environmental protection little by little. I chose VGTU civil engineering, road and railway engineering program to study and in 2010 I received a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. To work in accordance with the acquired specialty, after my studies I got a job at “Kelprojektas”, then in the newly formed Department of Development and Environmental Protection of Transport Communications. I worked as a transport communications development engineer, and I observed my colleagues – environmental protection specialists and their activities only from the side. I have been preparing environmental projects for less than 2 years.

How did your career develop after graduation?

While still studying, I got a job as a training coordinator and manager of a project financed by the European Social Fund related to the training of accountants and financiers of health care institutions. However, not long after graduation, I got a job at “Kelprojektas” as an engineer. Then, due to my strong desire to work in this company, I moved from Vilnius to live and work in Kaunas, and returned to Vilnius after 7 years. During that time, I rose to the position of project manager and, as I already mentioned, I started working with environmental projects in addition to my work.

Tell us, why you are fascinated and motivated by working at “Kelprojektas”?

“Kelprojektas” is a place where there is an opportunity to learn and improve yourself. We improve and develop by communicating with each other, listening, learning from our experiences, and generously sharing our knowledge with our colleagues. It is also great that we can work in a modern office, with all the necessary equipment for work and ergonomic furniture. I am happy that the company takes care of employees and provides many additional benefits, organizes various activities and events. And, of course, the inseparable tradition of our collective is fika.

What personal, character skills are needed in this job?

In this job, it is necessary to be able to work independently, carefully and responsibly both in a team and individually, without fear of challenges and to be creative. It can be said that our company’s values ​​- connect, challenge, create, which are the main principles of our daily life, permeate our work, unite us, motivate and inspire us in order to create tomorrow with our work.

Remember what are the biggest projects you have worked on and what are you currently working on?

I had to contribute to the feasibility study of the IXB transport corridor (Žirnių St.) and the Vilnius International Airport connection, the A5 road, the Vilnius Western Bypass, the special plan for parking garages in the Kaunas city area, the sustainable mobility plans of the cities of Kėdainiai and Alytus, 110 kV EPL Griškonys-Varėna preparation of construction development plan with SEA and EIA procedures. Currently, I am working on the A8 road expansion feasibility study, EIA selections for the installation and operation of synchronous compensators in Telšiai, Alytus and Neris transformer substations and other projects.

And what does your free time look like? What are your hobbies and activities after work?

I spend my free time with my family. Hobbies – travel, books, skiing. But at the moment, the main activity after work is the never-ending construction, installation and maintenance of the house.