[email protected]. Marina Gudzhabidze: “I appreciate that Kelprojektas is a company that values innovation and encourages creativity”


Today, in the [email protected] employee interview rubric, we are talking with Railway Business Unit Technician Marina Gudzhabidze.

Tell us how your fascination with the field of engineering was born?

My passion for engineering began when I was in the 10th grade and was introduced to the engineering club at my school. This was a pivotal moment for me, as it sparked my interest in the field of STEM and opened a world of possibilities for me. Working on various science and engineering projects as part of the club’s activities, I found myself thoroughly engrossed in the challenges and problem-solving opportunities that the field of engineering presented. From that moment on, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in this dynamic and exciting field, and I have been actively pursuing my passion for engineering ever since.

You are studying construction engineering, how did you decide to try yourself in “Kelprojektas“? Wasn’t it scary to think that you wouldn‘t like railway design?

Although I am studying building engineering, I have always had a passion for trying new things and exploring new horizons. This was something that I learned early on in my life, during my high school years when I began conducting experiments in the laboratory. Through this experience, I learned that taking risks and stepping outside of your comfort zone can lead to exciting new opportunities and personal growth.

Despite being introduced to Building engineering in university, I wanted to explore other fields of civil engineering. One day, I came across a job posting for a railway engineering position on LinkedIn, and despite my lack of experience in the field, I decided to apply for the position. Although it was a daunting experience, I knew that if I didn’t take the chance, I would never know what opportunities lay ahead. And, as it turned out, I was successful in obtaining the position, and it has opened a whole new world of possibilities for me in the field of engineering.

Tell us, what fascinates and motivates you about working at “Kelprojektas”?

As a young engineer, I find Kelprojektas to be a great company to work for. The company provides a dynamic and challenging work environment, where you can work on projects that make a real difference in people’s lives.

I appreciate that Kelprojektas is a company that values innovation and encourages creativity. This allows me to bring my ideas to the table, and I feel that my work is making a positive impact.

Finally, I appreciate the team-oriented culture at Kelprojektas. The company has a great work-life balance, and my colleagues are supportive and helpful. Working together, we can solve complex engineering problems and achieve project goals.

Overall, I am proud to be part of Kelprojektas and am excited about the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

What personal, character qualities do you think are necessary for this job?

If you want to be an engineer, you must have some personal traits that are really important. First off, you must be a problem solver, so you need to be able to break down complex problems into smaller parts and find the best solution. You also need to be creative and come up with new ideas and solutions to problems. Another thing you need is a good eye for detail, so that you can make sure your designs and plans are accurate. Plus, you got to be able to communicate well with your team members, clients, and other stakeholders. Lastly, you need to be adaptable and flexible, so you can handle whatever challenges come up during a project.

Remember what are the biggest projects you have worked on and what are you currently working on?

Currently, I am fortunate to be a member of the team working on the “Rail-Baltica” project. I find this project extremely captivating due to its sheer size and scope, as well as its significant impact on the Baltic states. I consider it an honor to be part of such a historical moment and believe that my contribution to this project is meaningful and valuable.

And what does your free time look like? What are your hobbies and activities after work?

In my free time, I have several hobbies that keep me busy and fulfilled. One of my favorite hobbies is travelling and hiking. I enjoy exploring new places and experiencing different cultures. I find that hiking is a great way to see the beauty of nature and get some exercise at the same time. Another hobby of mine is drawing. Whenever I have the time and inspiration, I like to sit down and create something. It’s a great way for me to express myself and unwind. Additionally, I enjoy learning new languages. Currently, I am focusing on improving my Spanish skills. It’s a challenging but exciting process, and I am enjoying every moment of it.