Komanda@Kelprojektas. Deividas Meliauskas: “Although the road to improvement in this area is long enough, something that is very quick and simple probably does not bring benefits.”


Today, in the Komanda@Kelprojektas employee interview rubric, we are talking with Deividas Meliauskas, Railway Business Unit Technician.

Tell us how your fascination with the field of engineering was born?

First, I have always loved technology. Although I have tried many different jobs in my life, I have found that I like precision, detail, the anatomy of mechanisms and the study of processes, all of which I find in engineering.

You are studying transport engineering, how did you decide to try your hand at “Kelprojektas“? Wasn’t it scary to think that you would be out of place in railway design?

It turned out to be a great opportunity for me to develop and acquire technical knowledge and skills. There was a little bit of fear, but it’s usually a brake on everything, so without focusing on it, getting into the something new was an interesting challenge, despite having a slightly different background in transport engineering

Tell us, what fascinates and motivates you the most in this job?

I met really nice and helpful people. I have a good manager and I can communicate freely with him and my colleagues. Although the road to improvement in this area is long enough, what is very quick and simple probably does not bring benefits.

What personal, character qualities do you think are necessary for this job?

First, it is the ability to communicate, because in any case we work with people. Ability to work in a team, empathy, analytical thinking, discipline, patience, and ability to listen are also necessary. Good sense of humor and support for team spirit.

Remember what are the biggest projects you have worked on and what are you currently working on?

I can unequivocally say that this is a Rail Baltica project. This project is one of the priority transport projects of the European Union, as it will reduce bandwidth restrictions, create missing connections between states, and promote modal integration and interoperability. The project is really very complicated, but at the same time interesting and provides a lot of invaluable experience.

And what does your free time look like? What are your hobbies and activities after work?

For now, studies are taking up most of my time. My biggest hobbies in winter are snowboarding, and in the warm season I can’t live without a motorcycle.