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UAB Kelprojektas has won the gold medal at the Lithuanian Product of the Year 2019 awards

The Lithuanian Product of the Year 2019 award ceremony took place on the 12th of December in which UAB Kelprojektas won the gold medal for the Pedestrian and Cyclist Viaduct Project through Narbuto str. in Vilnius. The competition organized by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists for the 23rd time is intended to honour the most significant products and services that have received market recognition.

 “Design solutions for pedestrian and bicycle viaduct construction were used for the first time in Lithuania. It is the first and the only integral viaduct in Lithuania, the steel overlay of which is concreted directly into reinforced concrete supports without the use of journal bearings. Designing structures of such complexity (integral viaducts) allows our designers to compete in the international market,” says Žana Lašienė, head of the Bridges Division.

Algirdas Kuncaitis, an experienced chief engineer of the Kelprojektas Bridges Division, worked on the design calculations for the viaduct. The head of this project was Žana Lašienė, the manager of the project part was Modestas Tvysa.

The main purpose of the pedestrian and bicycle viaduct, which is over 67 m long and nearly 7 m wide, was to eliminate the unregulated pedestrian crossing on T. Narbuto Street near the public transport stop there “a black sport” was noticed and to improve the access of pedestrians and cyclists to adjacent residential neighbourhoods without crossing magistral streets. The pedestrian and bicycle viaduct are adapted for people with disabilities and is convenient for parents with prams as there are ramps on either side of the viaduct.

Construction of the new viaduct was aimed at meeting the main objectives of modernization of the European roads, the requirements of the EU road infrastructure development, at ensuring fast, safe and efficient road access for all road users: both local transport and the pedestrians.